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What if we allow ourselves to take for real the landscapes
and fantasies that we have through our dreams and imagination?

Are not they part of what we are?

Since I have memory, the landscape has been a fundamental part of my life and emotion. The grandeur of nature, its colors, its temperatures and its movement move me deeply. The contemplation of a calm sea, as well as the stormy clouds that awaken it, the sun, the light, the earth, the wind, everything has become my inspiration.


The imagination acts on my memory and the closest references of the landscapes and cultures that I have lived and known. That's when my work transforms into dream atmospheres. I create fictitious scenes where, although certain everyday elements are recognized, they are non-existent landscapes, fruits of my interpretation of reality.


I am interested in the perceptive experience of color and abstract form. My work aims to create a dialogue and a bridge between the real world and your own; the one we found in dreams or in some memory of what moved us. 

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